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LASIK Surgery


LASIK Surgery

What To Expect:

LASIK Laser vision correction surgery is a same day procedure, performed with only topical anesthesia, for rapid visual recovery. On the day of your procedure, both eyes are treated, to ensure you have a quick return to sharp, balanced vision. The laser vision correction takes about ten minutes per eye, and is a painless procedure.


Prior to your surgery day, a complete examination is performed by Dr. Van Inwegen. Acurate measurements of your eyes are taken, to individualize your laser procedure. A dilated exam is performed to ensure the health of your eyes. A thorough discussion of your procedure, including the treatment plan, what you will experience on the day of surgery, and the pro's and con's of the procedure are discussed. We strive to educate you about your laser experience. Each patient is different, and we strive to individualize your treatment to achieve exceptional visual results!


Immediately after your laser treatment, your vision will be very blurry, and your eyes will feel mildly irritated. You must begin to apply medicated eye drops to the eyes, which will help to ensure a rapid visual recovery. After the first night of sleep, your vision begins to improve dramatically. Most patients can resume all normal activity, including driving, within a day; and after one week, the eyes are completely healed from the procedure!