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Medical and Surgical


Medical and Surgical Eye Conditions

What To Expect:

At New Jersey Regional Eye Care, we understand that your vision is your window to the world. Many conditions can affect your eyesight, and often a change in your eyesight or an injury to the eye can be sudden and frightening. Our doctors are comfortable treating any eye problem, from routine care including eye examinations for glasses and contact lenses; to the most complex of medical and surgical eye conditions.

There are many eye conditions, including cataract and glaucoma, which can gradually diminish your vision, and potentially lead to permanent visual loss. Also, there are many medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or Diabetes, that can cause damage to the internal structures of the eye and lead to permanent vision loss.

The eyes are often referred to as “the window to your health”, because by evaluating the health of the eye and the internal structures of the eye, a physician can get a view of the general health of your body as well. The eye is the only place in the body where you can visualize blood vessels. By evaluating the blood vessel health within the eyes, your doctor can assess the health of the vessels throughout your body. This information is often very helpful to the evaluation of other underlying medical conditions.

Your comprehensive eye examination at New Jersey Regional Eye Care begins with an assessment of the overall health of your vision and eye structures. Any underlying health condition that may affect your eyes or your vision is thoroughly evaluated to assure you have the best overall eye health possible. Our doctors have extensive training in all medically related eye conditions, and will communicate with your internist or specialists on the overall health of your eyes. Any condition that we find on our evaluation will be promptly communicated to you and treated appropriately. If a surgical procedure is indicated, rest assured that you are in the best hands with our doctors.

The doctors here at New Jersey Regional Eye Care strive for great communication between physician and patient. At the end of your comprehensive examination, we will be sure to thoroughly explain all of our findings, and make sure that all of your questions have been answered. New Jersey Regional Eye Care is affiliated with Valley Hospital, in Ridgewood, NJ, as well as River Drive Surgery and Laser Center in Elmwood Park, NJ. We work with numerous eyecare specialty groups in Northern New Jersey and Manhattan. If we cannot personally provide the care you need at our facility, we will refer you to the appropriate vision specialist. At N.J.R.E.C., your vision is our highest priority!